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- Crap... I wish I would have seen this thread last week! Oh well you will see me in your chat room, ...2011.02.24 18:07:00
- It wont take long at all, and like the other poster said, make a alt with hauling skills to get ur s ...2008.09.14 16:28:00
- If the Mythbusters say that it can be done, then that is good enough for me... ...2008.09.13 15:23:00
- WoW spam used to be intolerable. Over the years they have introduced several features that have cut ...2008.09.10 00:41:00
- There are quite a few player channels to join, and my one back up channel I have is the eve radio ne ...2008.09.10 00:31:00
- bump ...2008.09.07 00:06:00
- Everything gets hot when its passively cooled. Im running two 8600 passive in sli, but i make sure ...2008.09.07 00:03:00
- Bump for a great corp and ceo. Good to see that your back again Aaron. Im back playing again also ...2008.09.04 04:50:00
- Edited by: Aryen Striker on 02/09/2008 17:03:333 Computers (sometimes 4) and 2 laptopsEve NutThe att ...2008.09.02 18:05:00
- bump so the OP can know what time it is ...2008.09.02 15:14:00
- Your first mistake, you made a NE rogue... Go horde! ...2008.01.07 14:31:00
- I just built a new comp and im running a 2.44 intel quad on a 680i lt nvidia board. Eve runs great ...2008.01.01 18:50:00
- Edited by: Orchidia on 29/12/2007 03:05:13 Nice setup over all I dont think youll have problems pla ...2007.12.29 03:04:00
- Asus G1S or G2S line, theres about 5 or 6 different versions to choose from for performance lvls and ...2007.12.29 02:54:00

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