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- got my poster today. Looks awesome! ...2006.10.10 23:56:00
- I need a mining decoy for 0.0 gurista rats. I need it to run without the need for a nos.I'm thinking ...2006.09.12 05:19:00
- thanks for contacting me ingame. I look forward to talking with you all further! ...2006.09.04 02:35:00
- Moniker is a Freighter pilot and is close to becoming a carrier pilot. 5mil SPMoge TiraTru is a Mine ...2006.09.04 00:05:00
- well I am no pvp expert but I have been playing a while and one thing I have noticed is that few peo ...2006.09.03 23:44:00
- I've had that message. Instead of telling you that either the mins or BP are not in the right stati ...2006.08.25 07:06:00
- I found an NPC Corp at a station that supplies antibiotics. they only have 2000 units available. Can ...2006.08.24 23:30:00
- I have googled a ton but havent found anything. I am looking for a rough list of where I can find sp ...2006.08.24 03:45:00
- Ok I give. I have searched google and cannot find out what BCS and BCU stands for. can anyone help m ...2006.08.19 16:43:00
- yep worked like a damn charm!THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!All I did was replace the reFace.stuff fi ...2006.01.24 03:53:00
- I have a Brutix with 50m3 drone capacity. Ive been looking at the Light and Medium Sentry Drones but ...2006.01.23 04:25:00
- I have Barge III and I am able to refine most minerals with 100%. Right now I mine mostly Omber as i ...2006.01.22 02:17:00
- I've read everywhere that the Dominix is only second to the Amarr BS when it comes to BS Mining. But ...2006.01.11 22:50:00
- I do not believe they do. MWD has bonuses in both High Speed Maneuvering and Acceleration Control. ...2005.12.31 03:26:00
- Is there a Hauler than can hold a MWD? I use one on my Cruiser and love it I have -near- maxed Cap r ...2005.12.29 04:32:00

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