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- We are still looking for people! Do you like to kill stuff? Enjoy a good laugh ? We are the corp f ...2011.08.04 10:45:00
- We fly armor bs/bc, ahac, shield stuff (when needed), and bombers. Please feel free to come check us ...2011.07.29 23:22:00
- Former Vegas local - moved away a couple years ago but go back several times a year to visit friends ...2011.05.30 21:35:00
- Still Recruiting !!!WE need pvp'er !!! 10 Mil SP minimums. ...2011.05.26 03:33:00
- We are still recruiting ! Come check us out!! ...2011.05.23 23:15:00
- I've loved watching the progress of your relationship and all the pictures of everything! Thanks for ...2011.05.13 21:47:00
- Still looking for pilots! ...2011.05.13 18:57:00
- We are still looking for pvp'ers! Drop by and visit with us GOTG is our in game public channel! ...2011.05.03 23:54:00
- Edited by: Athena Olympia on 04/08/2011 10:45:00 Garden of the Gods (GOTG) Who We Are Garden of th ...2011.04.07 07:35:00
- Hey!I dropped you a note in game. I think my corp, Garden of the Gods, is just what you may be look ...2011.04.07 07:23:00
- Come join us! ...2011.03.07 08:53:00
- Do you like killing stuff? So do we! Stop by and talk to us and see if we're where you want to hang ...2011.01.31 23:39:00
- We are still recruiting! We are looking for experienced PVP pilots!Minors we want you! Empire and 00 ...2011.01.26 01:58:00
- We are still recruiting!Experienced players - we want YOU! Yes I know it looks like we are a "new" ...2011.01.22 01:12:00
- Edited by: Athena Olympia on 07/03/2011 08:54:00 Who We AreParagon Fury (PFURY) is a multi race EvE ...2011.01.17 22:04:00

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