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- Sure, I'm miffed that my mac was rendered (EVE-) obsolete so some vain feckers can play dress-up wit ...2011.06.23 04:01:00
- \0/ Gem's fix worked for me! ...2011.06.15 03:04:00
- Just to add my voice:using iMac w/ x1600 graphics, unplayable due to low FPS.On the bright side, may ...2011.06.11 01:30:00
- You just have to choose the right ones... generally you uncloak once out of range of neut towers. S ...2011.05.07 00:35:00
- Just lost a ship in a lvl 5 mission to a scram frig that was receiving endless rep from *somewhere*. ...2011.04.07 04:36:00
- seems the latest patch has changed the frequency of rogue spy... ...2011.03.21 12:43:00
- >Suggsting L5s in a bomber I think you should know what you're speaking about before opening your ...2011.03.08 18:46:00
- srsly: the lp increase isn't worth it.. i assume 0.8/amarr means Taru, so you're talking 10k lp ins ...2011.03.04 02:58:00
- Actually this mission is the best imho... since you can easily blitz it in a stealth bomber:-burn to ...2011.02.22 19:22:00
- ? ...2011.01.14 02:01:00
- FYI, just got a response back from GM, who tells me that no amount of cans dropped for tactical purp ...2011.01.12 02:05:00
- Just curious, I had the idea (from a long while ago) that dropping a bunch of cans around a gate to ...2011.01.05 05:30:00
- Hey all, maybe this has been covered before but:I was having frequent graphical glitches and system ...2010.05.13 16:26:00
- As a possible fix for the current meaningless system-capture play, I propose that members of a facti ...2010.03.28 23:11:00
- Reduce mass (which atm is more than maller... which is odd) and increase speed by a bit. Exact amou ...2010.03.02 19:29:00

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