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- Important missions are in fact "calculated". Has to do with not turning down missions offered and c ...2004.05.03 20:44:00
- I have had this mission 3 times. First time I tried in a merlin (2 X small missiles and 2 X howitze ...2004.04.13 20:15:00
- I'm from Val-D'Or (North Western part of Québec near Ontario Border) ! There`s about 5 of us playin ...2004.03.11 21:32:00
- I was offered some so i'm wandering. Are they the same as homeless ? And what about prisoners... O ...2004.03.03 16:13:00
- Bumping since no answer has been given...Would love to know if it will be fixed... or even looked at ...2004.01.13 22:02:00

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