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- Confirming Roland Five's comment work in another station too just open the agent offer decline if yo ...2009.03.16 02:07:00
- I think the KB article contains pre-deadspace info from way back, before the whole Core and Gist stu ...2009.01.04 16:12:00
- Updated yesterday, after I posted this. Used to say that they are "Gallente type ships". But thanks ...2009.01.04 08:11:00
- The way I do it is to create a fleet with myself so that I can tag the waves as they come in... then ...2009.01.04 08:04:00
- Hmm... 100+ reads and no one who knows anything about it, or has done the mission recently and would ...2009.01.04 07:42:00
- Storyline agents aren't tied to corps but to the faction, and you should get a mission from the stor ...2009.01.04 07:38:00
- Do kills in this mission give Gallente standing losses? I'm a bit confused since it looks like a Gal ...2009.01.03 00:58:00
- It does for me. Are you sure you're not confusing systems in general and waypoints? ...2008.11.12 17:16:00
- Do you really think they would run something like that without the proper security measures...? ...2008.09.12 16:47:00
- And I agree that there's something a bit off with the whole nos/passive tank setup.Heh. I'm goin ...2008.09.05 20:32:00
- Just throwing out the first that comes to mind... would it be totally ridiculous to try and passive ...2008.09.05 19:49:00
- The warning is there on the old Mordu's mission and one mission against Caldari, from what I remembe ...2008.09.05 19:25:00
- among the named items: is the highest meta really always the best?Of meta 0-4, yes.Though there are ...2008.09.04 18:05:00
- Effective standing is the highest applicable standing, so if you for example have 6.5 faction standi ...2008.09.04 17:56:00
- Yup, most things are easy. I'm still a bit wary about missions with all kinds of damage, but for you ...2008.09.04 16:41:00

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