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- i approve of all this PEWnice songs, nice voice, keep it up ...2011.06.22 12:02:00
- Hulkageddon happened because people take pleasure in causing frustration to other people, then watch ...2010.01.14 12:01:00
- A sniper Tempest... confirm. ...2010.01.12 12:29:00
- And before anyone quotes anything in this passage/whine/tears various other forms of contrasting opi ...2010.01.11 12:27:00
- Cheese with your Whine sir?STFU its a sandbox, we can do what we like.yeah problem there is the game ...2010.01.07 12:04:00
- Can't wait to start doing this later on, for now it looks like Final Agony is in the lead, represent ...2010.01.07 09:43:00
- i'm mining scordite nearby amarr region I really would like to avoid hulk losses because of the expe ...2010.01.06 12:30:00
- just posting to confirm i actually read this whole thread \o/(now lets hope my boss doesnt play eve ...2010.01.04 16:26:00
- Edited by: Lazr GoPew on 04/01/2010 14:20:55 You can't just say 'right here's a list of people and ...2010.01.04 14:20:00
- Confirming i too have had my suicide loot stolen from under my noseI assume you can do this at gate ...2010.01.04 01:29:00
- I made a hulkageddon poster Lolz!You inspired me :) .........*picks his jaw up from the floor ...2010.01.04 01:10:00
- Redcoats will offer a Tengu with 5 subs (their choice) to the pilot with the most mining designed (h ...2009.12.21 19:56:00
- Edited by: Lazr GoPew on 11/12/2009 01:13:21 imo fix insurance as a whole, and you should see a red ...2009.12.11 01:11:00
- xxxx > I can get a new ship and finish my missons now xxxx > do you want to fleet up and follow ...2009.09.16 19:09:00
- your best bet will be perimeter gate. Set your warp to 0 to warp to 5/6, warp in from 4-4, you shoul ...2009.08.23 23:37:00

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