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- (...) Next Eve-Trailer has to be About a lonley Golem shooting some stupid Gurista-Battleships for 3 ...2011.05.16 14:51:00
- Daddy, teh monsters r too difficult!!!!1!!11one ...2009.03.11 11:32:00
- This man for President!Omg. You don't want that ...2009.03.06 12:41:00
- When you turn your z-buffers off you sholud see that eve's engine is most likely doing backface cull ...2009.03.06 12:00:00
- Has anyone tried scanning out a player ship sitting in deadspace? This was kind of difficult with th ...2009.03.04 12:13:00
- While admirable for trying, that setup just wouldn't work (you forgot about CPU I think) for a few r ...2009.03.02 22:51:00
- Here. Of course I'm not saying this is a perfect Tengu, but I think the author depicted exactly the ...2009.03.02 22:24:00
- Great job there. I like it VERY much. I think this is about the way it should be. ...2009.03.02 21:51:00
- Edited by: rciq on 02/03/2009 21:09:13 Edited by: rciq on 02/03/2009 21:00:40I am so sorry that you ...2009.03.02 20:58:00
- Edited by: Ziat on 28/02/2009 22:01:16 Edited by: Ziat on 28/02/2009 21:54:12 Edited by: Ziat on 2 ...2009.03.01 16:52:00
- pls drop thsi and go back to the old style fitting window, atm this is a nightmareNot a big fan of p ...2009.02.10 18:33:00
- I don't like it. I know the sp loss is minimal and I'm sure I will fly a tengu around lowsec anyway. ...2009.02.10 12:26:00
- Why do I need to see my ship? I'm fitting it, I've already been spinning it. It's a WYSIWYG for t ...2009.02.10 11:37:00
- The new fitting screen is bad. Not very usable and very uglyIt looks like CCP hired some new UI desi ...2009.02.10 11:03:00
- btw evetv hire kil2 he's a great commentator ...Signed. The others (except Verone maybe) sound very ...2009.02.07 21:52:00

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