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- First off Mikha'il, fantastic post. Lots of great information for a newer pilot like me.Quick quest ...2006.02.28 18:40:00
- Edited by: Mikha''il Pelegius on 27/02/2006 17:52:51 My thanks for the support above. While the oth ...2006.02.27 17:51:00
- You are very rude considering your poor knowledge of amarr ships. If you just come and flame peoples ...2006.02.27 01:41:00
- I'd stuff it full of stabs and jammers. You can't put in enough damage mitigation to survive a few K ...2006.02.24 20:47:00
- I disagree. The prophecy will still out tank the brutix due to the natural amount of additional armo ...2006.02.13 21:53:00
- Ah yes, forgot the initial skill bonus. Good catch Still not a setup I would recommend due to lack ...2006.02.12 07:57:00
- Edited by: Mikha''il Pelegius on 12/02/2006 05:20:35 4xHeavy Pulse Laser I 1x10mn AB I, 1x20km Dis ...2006.02.12 05:18:00
- Edited by: Mikha''il Pelegius on 11/02/2006 00:03:41 Most cruisers go near that speed, which means ...2006.02.11 00:01:00
- For some Omen ideas, hop over to my ship thread. It's a design specifically meant for heavy damage d ...2006.02.10 23:38:00
- Sounds good. I'll toss an email as soon as I can. ...2006.02.10 23:36:00
- The maller or the omen, yes. Depends on your style of play. The omen is going to deliver devestating ...2006.02.10 23:26:00
- The prophecy-class battlecruiser is a very study ship capable of handling 0.0, level 3/4 missions, a ...2006.02.10 23:11:00
- Transversal velocity isn't just about speed but also about the angle of engagement. Something moving ...2006.02.10 23:07:00
- Edited by: Mikha''il Pelegius on 10/02/2006 23:03:42 Adult community? Didn't you and your 'friends' ...2006.02.10 23:03:00
- I used an energised adaptive Nano as it keeps the Omen's base speed higher, and spread over the HP o ...2006.02.10 21:50:00

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