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- Im using EM/Therm, is this fail? ...2009.12.13 08:14:00
- thanx ...2009.12.13 07:27:00
- good, you noobs prey on haulers, ratters, and missioners in prov. why should anyone show you a semb ...2009.12.12 11:02:00
- restock amarr, everythings proper *****ed atm ...2009.12.12 10:54:00
- Im sitting on a gate in null, knowing full well a fleet of 35 is in warp to me. All the scouts warp ...2009.12.10 22:20:00
- -all caps cuz im an attention *****-whats an acceptable amount of cans u can jet on gate to uncloak ...2009.12.10 11:14:00
- i duelbox, i highly recommend using passive mods which dont require any clicky. nothing like jumpin ...2009.12.10 11:06:00
- Tuscan doesnt like pvp, sizzle tuscan, sizzle ...2009.12.08 09:37:00
- Whats better to make isk, selling GTC's or Plex's and what are the differences? ...2009.12.01 19:57:00
- 18 bil for a titan pilot, you ask too much ...2009.12.01 19:49:00
- Edited by: Cic3ro on 01/12/2009 19:37:19 I tried cloaking outside AAA's main station hub in GE with ...2009.12.01 19:36:00
- Im almost dead sure theres a minimum jam range. So your telling me I can be within web/scram range ...2009.11.30 14:41:00
- so whats the minimum hit ratio normally? For say 12k=?, 25k=?, 40=100%And would it actually be bett ...2009.11.30 02:01:00
- Can we get Mohawk Hand Grenades too ...2009.11.30 01:51:00
- I was playing with a Blackbird setup in EFT. From what I gather, ECM falloff not only affects how f ...2009.11.30 01:44:00

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