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- Because T2 BPOs, backroom deals and rigged contests is much better, m'irite?I got another t2 bpo? S ...2010.11.03 17:38:00
- Edited by: Resipsa Loquitor on 01/12/2009 21:10:08 pretty much. you know how fat people with cute f ...2009.12.01 21:10:00
- ofc, BoB got help from Devs, they just typed /loose SOV EH; gain SOV IT and it was all done..Idiot.. ...2009.12.01 20:52:00
- Painting looks like a Modigliani.Big fan of his work. ...2009.11.24 23:51:00
- Screw the natives - time to start mining from orbit. So when do we get to mine planets? ...2009.05.22 20:54:00
- I'm not understanding. How can someone warp scramble you if they can't lock on to you?The bonuses yo ...2009.04.13 20:34:00
- *snip*I think you just killed this thread. /me bowsThanks and sorry about that. I know people are ...2009.03.26 15:46:00
- Edited by: Resipsa Loquitor on 26/03/2009 14:03:11 tl;dnr version: Move CCP admins out of garage an ...2009.03.26 13:45:00
- tl;dr: I don't have to change my sig after all!Nice!I'm still getting a pizza though. ...2009.03.25 23:03:00
- Hey, what's going on in here? Anyone got a tl;dnr summary?I vote for pizza if that's what the discu ...2009.03.25 22:28:00
- Instead of dragging out a huge explanation, I'll do some short points for the TL;DNR/ADD/AHAD crowd: ...2009.01.01 19:12:00
- while the rest of tri nano support warps to the thanny pilot and runs around the tower waveing their ...2008.10.08 03:12:00
- With these node crashes due to the extreme hammering the database gets and the lack of programming m ...2008.09.30 04:34:00
- They only have so many hamsters, reallyGHAH! THE DUDE WITH NO FACE! DEMONS IN TEH THREADZ!!! ...2008.09.28 11:59:00
- There is strategy to this game. What else is there to say?Can i has cheezburger?Would you like fr ...2008.09.26 00:50:00

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