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- Edited by: Rektide on 24/02/2009 17:05:37 the whole gate thing seems somewhat incidental; the great ...2009.02.24 17:05:00
- You incredibly special snowflakes tried giving characters squat for skill points for years and it re ...2009.02.19 04:12:00
- "As the recent news stated, we will disable the ability to train skills on a suspended account. Sinc ...2008.10.21 21:55:00
- so, will they block the selling of ghost trained accounts? and other "advantages" gained through thi ...2008.10.19 02:15:00
- STFU you spoiled b**tards. CCP should've never allowed you all to ghost train in the first place, an ...2008.10.19 02:07:00
- Cheap? I've played casually for three years. My main has 32m SP. Recently I've decided to invest ...2008.10.18 22:21:00
- Also it is massively unjust that there are thousands of players who have developed armies of Cap-Shi ...2008.10.18 21:27:00
- "Does that mean that CCP is a greedy money chewing monster that just loves nerfing things?"YES IT DO ...2008.10.18 21:16:00
- Edited by: Rektide on 07/09/2008 22:20:55 ...2008.09.07 22:16:00
- *snip* Posting with an unidentified character and characters in NPC corporations in this forum is pr ...2008.06.29 19:09:00
- totally obvious ...2008.06.11 01:39:00
- The big problem with your new mechanics is that the notion of splitting people up between a couple g ...2008.04.08 00:31:00
- Also these ideas sound like they're powered by unicorns and rainbows and fluffy rabbits, not concret ...2008.04.08 00:13:00
- How bout fixing your engine such that it doesnt crash your hardware when people do blob? We cannot ...2008.04.07 23:52:00
- so we have to upgrade to that gigantic heap of garbage vista? afaik dx10 is vista only. cop out. ...2007.05.10 19:59:00

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