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- Aurum free players UNITE! ...2011.06.27 03:23:00
- Down with the monoclesIn all seriousness CCP, I think my $105 per month is enough. ...2011.06.25 19:14:00
- Remove JitaI support/endorse this message.In all seriousness, I do believe that local in Jita should ...2011.05.19 10:13:00
- The anomaly system was designed to bring people out to null sec, which it clearly has done. Now you ...2011.03.28 20:26:00
- u sir are a genius ...2011.02.21 19:28:00
- since when are solar systems supposed to move?thanks again for interupting the battle which wasnt th ...2011.02.13 15:57:00
- Edited by: Tegho on 05/12/2010 14:09:06 LA is still a genius ...2010.12.05 14:07:00
- LA is a genius ...2010.12.05 14:00:00
- Tegho,3,6,22,35,48,50,60,114,160,176,201 ...2010.11.25 00:26:00
- I got 2 shots off in about 90 minutes, then had to log for work. Forunately, I made it back to our ...2010.10.30 18:46:00
- last week, I had 2 eve dreamsFirst while napping, I dreamed that I was ratting. I was going in and ...2010.10.22 08:22:00
- OK, I've had my mac for almost 4 years, and I'm just now learning what this "fn" key does... ...2010.05.28 06:11:00
- I've been playing on my mac for about a year. Ive never been able to assign shortcuts to the F-keys ...2010.05.27 17:10:00
- There is this mediocre star on our TCUs. It was supposed to be replaced months ago....GTR DONE ...2010.05.27 15:01:00
- Can't you just add all your toons to the Address book of each toon? Then you can simply just right c ...2010.04.14 10:52:00

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