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- can i put a request in for the wallet ID to be put in as a field in the corp wallet transactions xml ...2008.06.17 12:31:00
- Edited by: Kolloth on 03/03/2008 08:35:48 as the topic says, i want to put up a high sec POS, mainl ...2008.03.03 08:35:00
- Edited by: Kolloth on 21/02/2008 16:16:50 welp. I decided to write a little API tool as as part of ...2008.02.21 16:09:00
- too many posts to read so if this has already been said, please forgive me.1) change the basis of so ...2007.11.14 08:47:00
- Hooray! Finally some love for teh linux users! Thank you, thank you, thank you.Its about the only ...2007.11.01 11:12:00
- You see, what is holding miners back now--particularly in empire space--is coordinating a gang of mi ...2007.10.26 15:13:00
- I've been working on my own 3d engine off and on (mostly off to be honest, coding A.D.D. itt) and th ...2007.10.05 09:25:00
- Iceland are going down. Northern Ireland will win. ...2007.09.11 20:26:00
- I am in full support of this idea. ...2007.09.05 13:12:00
- read the OP and had an even simpler thought.why not just allow POSes at planets and have only those ...2007.06.13 11:03:00

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