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- Countdown till all the old Kenny members apply to PL en masse. Oh wait, from what I hear that start ...2009.07.10 19:23:00
- How will they ever recover from this massive blow? ...2009.06.29 17:37:00
- Edited by: Talzaris on 19/06/2009 17:56:43 I agree he should stop posting, but doesnt goonswarm buz ...2009.06.19 17:56:00
- Seriously, will you STFU. We readily recognize that we didnt kill BoB under conventional warfare. ...2009.06.17 19:51:00
- ~*Rolling wit da punches*~ ...2009.06.16 17:54:00
- Guys, they totally would have won in H74 if only they hadn't screwed up in every conceivable way.Yea ...2009.06.09 20:06:00
- Ribeye Jacksom has twice as many kills than your ****ty corp ALONE And about 10x fewer losses. Omg ...2009.06.08 16:55:00
- It's actually: "So long, and thanks for all the fish", and it's Douglas Adam's "Hitchhikers guide to ...2009.06.08 16:49:00
- GoonFleet is a premiere pirate corp. ...2009.05.27 16:11:00
- we all know one person cheated, and that was dealt withit was never an alliance-wide issue with BoBu ...2009.05.22 21:44:00
- Goons have FC's? Only if you count Razor and PL FCs. ...2009.05.20 16:15:00
- Is it true that Goons are leaving the sinking ship and preparing to move north to Geminate ? Or whos ...2009.05.19 14:57:00
- Edited by: Talzaris on 30/04/2009 15:29:02 ...2009.04.30 15:29:00
- Look at this nerd and his charts. Do my homework and give me your lunch money nerd. ...2009.04.09 14:37:00
- Let me clear up a quick misconception you seem to have.It works like this:Everyone posts when they h ...2009.04.08 17:12:00

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