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- Brownie points... that just sounds... wrong. ...2011.04.07 15:17:00
- How do you zoom out so far?Just use the mousewheel, then move the character upwards a bit and try zo ...2011.04.07 15:14:00
- hasn't rendered the new portrait yet. ...2011.04.07 15:05:00
- Very much agreed. As it stands now, the new forums are simply unusable. I don't really mind the la ...2011.04.07 14:52:00
- And still no fix for the logon problems in Seamonkey, which means no more forums for me. Bugreport ...2011.04.07 14:39:00
- inb4 Don't sell your main, bro! Also ITT, vultures, parasites and the rest of the general EVE popul ...2011.04.07 08:42:00
- PC Client, Vista x64 Ultimate* CC is somewhat slower in loading times. * Tuck options of bottom/sho ...2011.04.06 20:51:00
- I support this product and or service. ...2011.02.27 10:43:00
- Thanks For All The Fish ...2010.10.22 20:20:00
- Good riddance!... J/k, we all love to lube you up. Safe journey to whatever game you're off to, an ...2010.10.22 17:02:00
- Congratz RvB! Had a blast in Red Fed, got blasted quite a few times too... ...2010.10.22 09:18:00
- Looking forward to part 2! I hope you succeed in your plot to bring more folks into RvB, I can only ...2010.09.28 12:52:00
- Edited by: 3rr0rc0d3 on 24/09/2010 21:01:43 Very nice, Somer! I've spent 100mill so far on .blink, ...2010.09.24 21:01:00
- Would it be possible to move them to Amarr? If so, I'll take them all for 140mill. ...2010.09.02 07:33:00
- Your assuming it's for a station camp though... ANd your assuming im gonna stay in blue-red... Tha ...2010.08.12 12:14:00

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