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- Amazing work, John/Ian. Really. I've been looking forward to this for ... well, ever since Clear Ski ...2011.05.30 20:49:00
- Here's your vote of no confidence : CCP LEADERSHIP MENTALITY NEEDS TO CHANGE FAST ! Hell hath no fu ...2011.04.10 19:15:00
- Hell yes. CCP is starting to look like EA before their image review. Raping everything they get thei ...2011.04.10 09:06:00
- -This seems like a nice way to get rid of local, can you declare war on all hostile systems at onc ...2011.03.29 09:21:00
- Yes, I just said that the EVE economic model is superior to the current real-life economic model. ...2011.03.29 09:12:00
- One of the better ideas I've read over time, however, there are two points that I feel aren't ... we ...2011.03.28 19:08:00
- Edited by: Tasha Voronina on 28/03/2011 18:57:48 You've got to know something is wrong when there a ...2011.03.28 18:56:00
- Caldari Deteis test runHmm, feedback...The good:-The interface is very intuitive to use (mostly, exc ...2010.12.21 15:24:00
- I've always been of the opinion that quality is more important than quantity (though neither should ...2010.06.02 14:49:00
- Edited by: Tasha Voronina on 17/04/2010 06:15:34 First of all, thank you for addressing our concern ...2010.04.17 05:53:00
- Totally signed.<somewhat off-topic rant> I'd be more or less fine with a soft limit as I outlined i ...2010.04.13 11:48:00
- I will chime in with the "CCP, this is a bad idea" crowd.CCP, this is a very, very bad idea.Here's w ...2010.04.13 08:16:00
- You mean, like the crater on Jita Park Speakers Corner? (4 threads on page 1)I do wonder when that n ...2009.08.27 08:24:00
- Edited by: Tasha Voronina on 27/08/2009 08:14:59 Nice new feature... oh, did I miss the derail? H ...2009.08.27 08:13:00
- Nice story. ...2009.08.24 14:41:00

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