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- Chribba will love you long time if you get Veldspar Processing V. ...2011.09.06 00:31:00
- we are still aiming to deploy todayWhich timezone? I'll bet you 10 isk it isn't done by DT tomorrow ...2011.09.05 16:16:00
- Or you could aim to do the first quit thread on the new forums. ...2011.09.05 14:28:00
- LAST POST !!!!Nope. How about now? ...2011.09.05 14:25:00
- #102I expect to fall down the list once this account expire on Thursday. ...2011.09.05 13:21:00
- Fit armor plates/reinforced bulkheads and see if that will let you undock. ...2011.09.04 10:35:00
- Don't hold your breath that those things actually will happen. We might get the remining CQ's and th ...2011.09.04 10:32:00
- Wat? ...2011.09.02 18:00:00
- As the cynic I am, it is my firm belief that we have had this single room forced upon us for no othe ...2011.09.02 13:47:00
- Reavers vs Alliance in Serenity.Bugs vs Spaceships in Starship Troopers. ...2011.09.02 13:23:00
- Edited by: Arthur Frayn on 01/09/2011 09:07:32 Well STO is going free to play this year, so the fac ...2011.09.01 09:43:00
- Is anyone really surprised about this? ...2011.09.01 09:39:00
- CQ is quite funny, I can play World of Tanks for hours and the fans are idle in the computer, as soo ...2011.08.31 14:10:00
- Fit it for max tank instead of max mining perfomance and it will be similar in EHP to HACs. ...2011.08.31 13:58:00
- ok i understand if it is the devs playground but dont they already have an area of space for that. a ...2011.08.31 12:17:00

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