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- i have several high sec systems fail to load no sations or gates ect so be aware that servers are be ...2010.01.13 13:04:00
- god thses thread are realy stupid go learn about networking and you would soon understand that the a ...2010.01.11 17:30:00
- Fixes that should come from this: 1. Make NPC Corp for trial accounts only (maybe new sub up to 1. ...2010.01.11 16:55:00
- high sec combat is not an exploit ccp have said so before. concord are a consiquence not a safty ne ...2010.01.11 16:33:00
- Is this a caod thread about a frigate sized ships dying or am i reading it wrong? no this a caod th ...2010.01.11 11:45:00
- Edited by: ragewind on 30/12/2009 00:15:18 this is jolly"please ccp protect me from my thinkness"if ...2009.12.30 00:09:00
- lol you funny pepoletry learing about network fundermentals for the internet and then you may unders ...2009.12.24 13:28:00
- no its pants ...2009.03.26 18:48:00
- you call forget that cruses are long range so there counter part turret is the rails and at there re ...2008.11.08 00:34:00
- new cars are safer and have better security on them.older cars can be found to have inherent weaknes ...2008.11.06 23:58:00
- Edited by: Stitcher on 02/11/2008 23:43:53 okay, well, my alt's small corp is in the fortunate scen ...2008.11.04 01:16:00
- Better idea - leave it as is. This way, everyone who flies it is able to perform in its intended rol ...2008.11.02 17:11:00
- far cry 2 seems to have been disined for the play station crowed.shiny shiny wow, all looks no conte ...2008.11.02 15:26:00
- dont buy far cry 2 its complete repetitive rubbish ...2008.11.02 15:18:00
- can we not forget that not just gallenty uses blasters they still need to work for caldari too as ev ...2008.10.25 23:38:00

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