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- Incarna roll out only on 10% ready status and we see shop which CCP said they "have no plans for". W ...2011.09.09 07:43:00
- So, this could mean then you're looking for a Corp and apply to join. For some reason they take for ...2011.08.28 13:31:00
- On alt #1 Setup a sell order for an item that you are looking to work with. On alt #2 Setup a buy o ...2011.08.27 19:35:00
- Offering the exact same deal except you will get 155 million ISK instead.Good times ahead?Kinda temp ...2011.08.16 12:44:00
- Why not just remove wardecs altogether then... along with concord ...2011.08.16 12:28:00
- Sure, raising NPC tax might actually help in creation of more player-run (1man) corps. Not that anyo ...2011.08.07 08:55:00
- ...With the $10,000 price that may or may not be real...Ofc this price won't do! Where have you seen ...2011.07.14 16:38:00
- Only if it will costs like $1000 japanese pants (it's only fair that MT goods cost less than real al ...2011.07.10 14:17:00
- ..... that all the people who were whining about DT being extended and being unable to play are now ...2011.07.05 14:30:00
- So, with "nanowhiners" it was easy - they whined about nano, but now that I've seen some comments ab ...2011.07.02 21:09:00
- - CSM comes over as extremely mindful of CCP's feelings in this and not as the ruthlessly inquisitiv ...2011.07.02 20:04:00
- CCP acknowledges that the reaction following the leaked internal communication could have been handl ...2011.07.02 19:56:00
- Since supercapitals are totally immune to ecm, neuts, warp disruption, etc why not have it so they c ...2011.07.02 12:18:00
- Only if I'll be able to shove it up somones ass... ...2011.06.30 17:44:00
- Yeah they're going to spend how many millions of dollars on a new hardware room? LOL I hear CCP ar ...2011.06.30 17:21:00

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