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- Make a copy of the eve directory. It will then save a separate settings folder.Most of the time I j ...2011.09.02 21:04:00
- The only way that you are allowed to buy a PLEX using cash is directly from CCP through the account ...2011.09.02 19:40:00
- With almost 43,000 players online right now, it is reasonable to assume that the problem is on your ...2011.08.20 19:56:00
- Isn't it the lowest priced sell order in the same station? Or is it the lowest priced item in the e ...2011.08.20 02:44:00
- Edited by: Matalino on 20/08/2011 02:35:11 Each point of agent standing increases effective quality ...2011.08.20 02:25:00
- Standings have a minimal impact on mission rewards. Going from 9.99 to 9.995 s not expected to have ...2011.08.19 19:20:00
- AFAIK that implant is available through the CONCORD LP store. If you will need to run incursions if ...2011.08.12 19:20:00
- I'm not sure about that. unless it was changed recently. I was talking to a guy that came back after ...2011.08.11 16:06:00
- Agreed. My thinking is if you want to participate, you are all in; meaning that if you want to rep s ...2011.08.11 16:02:00
- Any tips on what I'm doing wrong?The problem is that you are trying to use a Battleship to take out ...2011.08.10 18:02:00
- Only problem with T2 BPO/BPC is that people still cannot count 1+1 Just take a look at T2 Armour rig ...2011.08.10 15:00:00
- Question. This didn't work when I tested it on a smaller ship.44 damage sitting still(81*1.3/125 * 3 ...2011.08.09 23:52:00
- So no significant difference...The difference is what is stated in the skill's description: 5% per l ...2011.08.09 22:42:00
- Edited by: Matalino on 09/08/2011 22:30:11 Can you then tell me the following?How much damage per u ...2011.08.09 22:26:00
- Edited by: Matalino on 09/08/2011 21:38:49 Assuming max skills how quick dose a nanite repair per s ...2011.08.09 21:27:00

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