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- 3,21,22,47 171 ...2011.07.24 01:46:00
- I'd be wildly in favor if their offices would be made available - their stuff can go into storage. ...2011.04.28 19:06:00
- ChataJohn, 16,17,22,23,26,120,123,129,130,201 ...2010.11.19 22:58:00
- While it seems much is made of racial conformation to major "Earth" types. Where are our Native Ame ...2010.10.27 18:13:00
- Well, nice I guess. However, if its an "ancient" ship design (being a mod on the Primae) - you've in ...2010.09.19 02:55:00
- So guys - since the "patch" has apparently wiped out all EVE files on my Vista system PC - what to d ...2008.11.12 02:19:00
- Why is it everytime there is an "upgrade" the freaking game doesn't work. Running Vista - downloade ...2008.11.12 02:10:00
- I would like to see the following:1. Some unique custom ships from time to time. 2. Let's get over ...2008.10.23 16:41:00
- Not good enough, when your computer is down for days it's kinda hard to read the fix or the oh we ar ...2007.12.12 07:03:00
- 12/11Ok, I guess I am just totally screwed since I did reboot and I can't seem to locate anything wi ...2007.12.11 23:43:00

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