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- Actually The Mittani has it wrong - ABC's should be removed from null sec since they have a local an ...2011.08.11 17:54:00
- ***** I'd like to see this guiding principle put on your list:Where possible develope carrots, not s ...2011.08.09 18:46:00
- o7 ...2011.06.26 01:14:00
- Johnson, I salute your monocle. Not that I would buy one as it would clash with my cool shades. I ...2011.06.22 17:52:00
- Inability to follow the "ccp answers all questions" thread detected. ...2011.06.17 21:18:00
- CCP are a complete joke and don't give a damn about immersion.What kind of immersion would satisfy s ...2011.06.13 14:37:00
- The one problem with Incarna is that Clear Skies will not match the character models we'll have in i ...2011.05.26 15:08:00
- One of the smaller of the regular meets. Cozmik, Felix (+gf), Unzer and Letrange were in attendance ...2011.05.22 18:05:00
- Also that bonus only really kicks in in very long warps - 100+ AU ...2011.05.04 16:37:00
- The sanctum nerf is decreasing the amount of new isk entering the economy, fewer isk chasing the sam ...2011.04.28 16:42:00
- You mean PL ? *cough* DRF said they could handle us , yet they have to hire every corp in eve to tak ...2011.04.12 21:13:00
- Hmm I have a question.If we take a look at Tritanium: Eve Central - TritaniumWe see that the quanti ...2011.04.06 18:38:00
- Battleship and Battlecruiser hulls are the two big T1 items still in use in 0.0. ...2011.04.06 18:27:00
- Urm have your ever been to 0.0 i have been on three roams of late and most of systems in 0.0 are emp ...2011.03.30 16:57:00
- You do realize, of course, that T3 prices (of subsystems that matter anyway) tie rather tightly to t ...2011.03.28 14:40:00

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