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- proof a completely unrelated not, oveur does ...2008.06.14 08:48:00
- truncated content ...2007.03.18 11:49:00
- Astarte. ...2007.02.15 17:49:00
- Anyone with an agent had better start training up to be able to get RPs because my GOD this is goi ...2007.01.31 02:45:00
- It's true, it can't tank worth a damn, but it can dish out 1000dps from turrets alone.... well worth ...2007.01.25 02:25:00
- Used an enyo myself. ...2007.01.16 14:12:00
- They don't call it low security because there's a low security risk.I don't get it why ppl complain ...2007.01.06 00:36:00
- Heh Brilliant post, very funnyI on the other hand would say eve has made me do sensible things.... I ...2005.04.26 09:34:00
- we: too afraid to come back are ye? he: i don't listen to carebearslike me gangmate tells so very p ...2005.04.17 10:20:00
- Edited by: Ishiko on 27/11/2004 11:32:40 1mill to fight an alliance? WTF is going on? Should use ...2004.11.27 11:28:00
- for some reason i think that an alliance would find that very expensive, and they could just wait ti ...2004.11.27 11:15:00

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