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- Just wondering what the general view of Amarr ships are in terms of pvp and pve.Amarr have some if n ...2009.11.21 10:46:00
- Very few ships if any at all can perma tank sentry fire solo as well as another ship, even sentry gu ...2009.11.17 13:06:00
- Yes, ECM need scripts.It has been suggested before.Scripts would be a smart solution to the problem ...2009.11.17 13:00:00
- blasters need their own ammo set, not sharing with rails.Theres a reason why theres a seperate T2 am ...2009.11.10 10:32:00
- This is a solo kill! Backup not allowed. Everyone can do it when backed up with support. The guy ...2009.11.09 17:26:00
- Edited by: Murina on 08/11/2009 17:53:25You arrogant @@, You cluless ****.Yes, you downgrade to you ...2009.11.08 17:28:00
- The main problem of Blasters is range, not Tracking. You get into more tracking issues as you move i ...2009.11.08 11:48:00
- Edited by: Murina on 08/11/2009 12:00:02You make assumptions and talk in cycles too...the fact that ...2009.11.08 11:33:00
- Edited by: Murina on 08/11/2009 00:49:30You now argue that Gallente suck cause ppl got to know the t ...2009.11.08 00:34:00
- Edited by: Murina on 07/11/2009 23:25:17 1. Nano nerf was more of a buff to a close ranged ship tha ...2009.11.07 23:02:00
- Edited by: Murina on 07/11/2009 22:11:47 Which was the huge laser boost that made lasers so overpow ...2009.11.07 22:05:00
- As i already mentioned, give the fleet command ships RR bonuses simular to logistics ships, its abou ...2009.11.07 13:17:00
- Edited by: Murina on 07/11/2009 09:49:30 From where comes the notion that heavy drones are BS sized ...2009.11.07 09:47:00
- Edited by: Murina on 07/11/2009 09:33:29 Suggesting BS sized weapons on command ships with a sarcas ...2009.11.07 09:32:00
- Edited by: Murina on 06/11/2009 21:06:31Id try to add content to a discussion instead of just trolli ...2009.11.06 20:41:00

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