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- Good luck guys, hope to fight you some when I get back to impass ...2006.08.05 05:08:00
- Can't god this is gonna be awesome./me hugs CCP, you guys get me wet. ...2006.07.04 07:41:00
- CDLPeacemaker, and ELECTR0FREAK..Old friends that got me into it, never left since.... ...2006.06.30 00:48:00
- Bobīs step 4 of their planI think this thread needs some humor tbh..not intended as flame anyway.Win ...2006.04.04 00:47:00
- Nuff' said. ...2006.02.26 21:49:00
- The 19% reduction in the powergrid stacks per level of Caldari Frigate. And you need Caldari frigate ...2006.01.16 01:25:00
- Saitek X52I have the same one, the mouse on the throttle control is a bit touchy, but it may be poss ...2006.01.05 03:25:00
- This thread was made before the shuttle one. ...2005.08.14 00:10:00

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