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- Serenity status ...2007.09.13 10:53:00
- Yourself and James need no thanks to be honest, it's blatent how much work and effort you guys put i ...2007.09.12 12:52:00
- Edited by: Verone on 11/09/2007 20:22:55Firstly, thanks to CCP for the opportunity to be part of som ...2007.09.12 12:45:00
- If you want another method of using your drones, open your ship fitting in space (shift+ctrl+f) then ...2007.09.12 11:48:00
- RU-97T is the system that the Tournaments take place in. This means that he was killed probably afte ...2007.09.12 10:55:00
- There have actually been several iterations of the Opux manufactured for the Tournament observers. I ...2007.09.12 10:52:00
- Edited by: Ifni on 12/09/2007 10:41:24 I chose Lucifer Fellblade for the winner of the Fail Digger ...2007.09.12 10:40:00
- Heh, I'm not doing this to gain any favour at CCP. If I get invited back I get invited back. As it s ...2007.09.10 17:33:00
- I would like to direct you to my post here. ...2007.09.10 16:54:00
- I do not know if a DVD is on the board for this Tournament. I will go molest Magnus before I fly hom ...2007.09.10 16:53:00
- Edited by: Ifni on 10/09/2007 16:41:16 The matches will be uploaded when they are completed. They h ...2007.09.10 16:41:00
- All in all, great job CCP and EveTV thoughout the tournament though imho you let yourselves and othe ...2007.09.10 16:38:00
- Just to clarify, I am not asking for a rematch nor am I contesting the outcome. The tournament is o ...2007.09.10 16:37:00
- This was a cluster**** from day 1 in regards to NOVA, and true to form he and sharkbait blew it all ...2007.09.10 13:46:00
- The first Tournament was December 2005 (Audio coverage on EVE-Radio). The second Tournament was Jul ...2007.09.10 13:36:00

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