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- Perpetuum is eve but with mechs. I heard its pretty good ...2011.06.23 04:38:00
- Change it to:"C:\Program Files (x86)\EVE TEST SERVER\eve.exe" /server: ...2011.04.20 19:26:00
- As it stands now Captain's Quarters is an OK addition to the game. There are some very nice changes ...2011.04.20 19:19:00
- I'm surprised that I was one of the only ones that like flying a Myrmidon. It can do pretty much an ...2011.03.02 21:18:00
- I wish there was a dislike button for the OP.If you don't like a feature, don't use it. ...2011.03.01 15:50:00
- Not for free they don't. That's a good bit of work right there. ...2011.02.25 23:48:00
- I think I look rather dashing. ...2011.01.19 22:47:00
- You should have sent some to Iowa. I've got nothing better to do than drink and play Eve ...2010.12.16 19:09:00
- Melke,40,27,106,154,162,145,200 ...2010.11.24 20:00:00
- hello, i just got the droid x. any one try using this on it yet? i know its not the same operating s ...2010.10.12 00:21:00
- For the most part, yes. I would actually say go run the Sister of Eve epic arc to build up some mor ...2010.09.09 16:37:00
- The last time EveBerry was updated was 2008 it won't have any of the newer skills which could be cau ...2010.06.28 16:04:00
- Edited by: Melke on 28/06/2010 14:29:33 Edited by: Melke on 28/06/2010 14:29:10 Edited by: 1Ekrid1 ...2010.06.28 14:28:00
- I'm not sure if you want to upgrade to the latest version of Eve but I was playing it in full screen ...2010.06.24 20:43:00
- I'd rather have it done right than have it rushed and hear more whining about how stuff doesn't work ...2010.06.24 15:58:00

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