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- All this makes me kinda happy I couldn't log in at all due to my video card not supporting "shader m ...2011.06.26 15:33:00
- Prorator BPO Researched T2 Blockade Runner me13 pe8 ...2007.12.26 21:45:00
- Anyone who came to EVE by way of Earth & Beyond probably miss the in station inter-action with other ...2006.07.14 21:19:00
- I could not get the autopatch to work either. Keep getting an error message. ...2006.06.06 03:09:00
- Ok. 26 months of patches and upgrades I have never made a comment. But this one here deserves at lea ...2006.03.04 23:12:00
- The reason you see slots in use for long terms, in my opinion, is not because peeps were trying to t ...2005.12.31 16:17:00
- Well, I didn't see this thread either and just made the same mistake. I also petitioned. Set a 1 run ...2005.12.30 00:18:00
- Another note. Handing out what seemed like thousands of free trial accounts yesterday was not the sm ...2005.12.17 18:27:00
- Well, day two on a problem filled major patch. I made the mistake of trying to begin training some o ...2005.12.17 18:19:00
- I have the same problem. Any help would be welcome. And the songs in the music folder, although rena ...2005.09.20 03:10:00
- this is already a feature... just asign a macro to ur drone bay. I thank you for the suggestion Dro ...2005.07.28 13:57:00
- In the spirit of what the maintainance arrays are mean't to do at your POS locations (allow for refi ...2005.07.27 12:08:00
- While applying the patch i noticed a file called, does anyone know what this file is for? ...2004.03.03 13:35:00
- Firstly i apologise if this has already been discussed in length.I recently heard rumours that they ...2004.02.28 18:09:00
- I personally like the pod. Round smooth, easy to park and fits in most places. ...2004.02.19 11:41:00

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