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- How about adding tags and a global tag cloud, listing only the most common ones? I know there are al ...2007.11.25 01:41:00
- Nice guide. I can add to it by announcing that having fancy compiz effects activated in ubuntu seens ...2007.11.14 05:14:00
- They don't support voice on gnu/linux & mac. ...2007.11.08 00:34:00
- Is there any way to change the directory that the game installer uses as temp storage while unpackin ...2007.11.07 21:42:00
- With a pew pew there, pew pew here... here a pew, there a pew, everywhere a pew pew... ...2007.09.21 02:51:00
- We'll feed you with butter. ...2007.09.17 12:13:00
- We do, for free. ...2007.09.16 19:56:00
- I've just started playing over the last two days and already addicted. however, there is so much to ...2007.09.16 19:40:00
- How much would you loan if i put up a Fleet Tempest as collateral and what time periods we talking ...2007.09.15 16:23:00
- : : now<start of private log>There's a girl outside, holding a red balloon. I wonder if she knows t ...2007.09.15 14:54:00
- : : inbetween After graduating from SaTI I worked a couple of years for La’Zie. I remember it like y ...2007.09.15 14:53:00
- : : thenI always wanted to have a mother, but instead I had a story about two renowned scientists ...2007.09.15 14:49:00
- Edited by: eyerouge on 15/09/2007 13:30:43 *oops* ...2007.09.15 13:31:00
- Am I the only one finding Dune & BSG the best sci-fi works recorded? :P ...2007.09.15 13:29:00

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