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- You guys are way behind. I am highly disappointed that this was not implemented during the latest p ...2011.09.01 18:39:00
- I am seriously getting frustrated with the forced PvP style in this game, and I know there are t ...2011.08.04 17:44:00
- Change NPC type of ship to their proper class size instead?Example Name Type Pith ...2011.07.05 03:16:00
- Skill training takes too long as it is. There is no fun in the game if you cant do what you want be ...2011.06.27 22:57:00
- I am having issues as well. When I open the in-game browser the client crashes. I have tried every ...2011.06.23 21:33:00
- You should consider changing the circle and data center agents links to these:http://wiki.eveonline. ...2011.03.31 16:09:00

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