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- The crux of the problem is avoiding a lookup to the attributes tables when displaying items. Here ...2009.07.15 12:32:00
- Anything by Terry Pratchett.Nuff said really I just started the Diskworld series two weeks ago and ...2009.06.29 12:59:00
- Thanks for this.Couple of points. 1. The EveMon mineral datadump links to the datacore datadump. 2 ...2009.06.25 11:47:00
- One thing to remember.Despite all the talk of riding carefully, you ARE going to hit the road at som ...2009.06.23 11:51:00
- Or just change the weapons fitting to a 6/6 missile/guns instead of 4/4. ...2009.04.08 18:35:00
- They should release these larger patches as Torrents a couple of days before they go live to give ev ...2009.03.04 14:52:00
- Thanks. Can't wait to see IT live. Fixed the quote.Should be fun.More lag than Jita as 20k Empire ...2009.02.25 17:10:00
- So how exactly do you know where to look for these epic agents?You'll be referred to the initial Epi ...2009.02.25 16:58:00
- Edited by: gordon861 on 25/02/2009 16:57:23 So they have : Two sprint teams in our Atlanta office h ...2009.02.25 16:55:00
- Can we repeat the one arch? Can we start it again and go down a different path?Yes, you can replay t ...2009.02.25 14:50:00
- Well at least the Apocrypha page is honest : Missi ...2009.02.25 11:21:00
- Just noticed something else in the interview. New characters created with the retail product will a ...2009.02.24 12:15:00
- If the box does come with GTCs inside it could crash the market when all these new codes hit the baz ...2009.02.24 11:10:00
- CCP how difficult would it be for you to send out an email a week or 48hrs before someones account r ...2009.02.20 18:42:00

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