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- Edited by: MajorPunishment on 05/05/2010 08:05:13800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I Medium A ...2010.05.05 08:02:00
- Just an FYI consider swapping the heat hardner for a kinetic. For max guristas efficency it goes: 2 ...2010.05.04 14:34:00
- Edited by: MajorPunishment on 04/05/2010 13:50:10 Im not doing it for missions, 0.0 anomalies and p ...2010.05.04 13:49:00
- Dropping the LSE for an AB leaves only 5 minutes of cap stability. My cap is ******ed thanks to the ...2010.05.04 13:25:00
- So im debating which setup to use for gurista anoms/plexes Medium Armor Repairer II Medium Armor R ...2010.05.04 13:17:00

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