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- *Publicly states that the ability for a single player/small group of players to "insta-pop" hundreds ...2009.11.20 23:52:00
- Edited by: Shredded on 20/11/2009 19:20:06 So let me get this straight: In a model example of open ...2009.11.20 19:18:00
- Please post constructively. ~Saint ...2008.01.31 12:05:00
- Edited by: Shredded on 18/12/2007 18:51:20 Someone is missing.I'm here now! Sorry I'm late!It worri ...2007.12.18 18:50:00
- I would love to see this. /signed ...2007.12.18 17:14:00
- I wish there was a way to actually name systems, not just regions. ...2007.12.18 16:39:00
- shouldnt this be in Game Dev not coad.Well this partiuclar implimentation of API relates directly to ...2007.12.18 16:32:00
- JV1V (or was it 1V-?), when LV suprised us with the Titan. We got a fleet annihilated, everyone was ...2007.12.18 16:24:00
- I wanted Bat Country or Hammertown, but nobody listens to me.Most of these really are, honestly, ter ...2007.12.18 16:17:00
- I think jovian ships could be killable, they just have very high resists, like 99%, right? It may b ...2007.12.18 16:10:00
- so am I supposed to post in this thread because really I'm just going to post in it anyways. ...2007.11.01 14:35:00
- Edited by: Nez Perces on 23/10/2007 19:07:10 Congratulations RSF. Seems likes some progress is bein ...2007.10.23 19:31:00
- Edited by: Johnny ReeRee on 23/10/2007 18:23:22 blather I don't think you "get" Goonswarm.lawlz! I ...2007.10.23 18:31:00
- a funny thing about goons is the way they shoot themselves in the foot on caod even when they come u ...2007.10.12 17:59:00
- Yeah cause, god forbid, people might otherwise base how balanced the reasoning was on the actual con ...2007.10.10 11:14:00

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