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- even I can create a macro simulating "human" interaction.and that macro wouldn't even be against EUL ...2011.08.26 06:18:00
- but API shows you the fitting and content of the ship too.of course the name would be a nice additio ...2011.08.25 07:04:00
- - change local to delayed mode wherever players can claim sov - Give us the possibility to "attach" ...2011.08.17 15:14:00
- I'm not sure if they would welcome us.since we didn't do spacetravel for millenia I guess they are h ...2011.08.10 08:53:00
- Name me one MMORPG where all your chars on one account gain "XP" (here SP) at the same time ...2011.07.30 07:34:00
- there are several 3rd party programs/website who do that. all you need is to enter you Full-API key ...2011.07.29 10:11:00
- always good to have some surprises.just make it that you will actually destroy the item if you "Mine ...2011.07.29 10:05:00
- How about giving us the power to not only select what is displayed on the 3 screens, but give us t ...2011.07.29 07:41:00
- this galaxy isn't ours.... we're the aliens in New Eden ...2011.07.20 10:10:00
- please add too: - possibility to add several pages as your "homepage" in case you wanna automatical ...2011.07.18 14:35:00
- yes, allow them to use jumpgates but make them illegal in highsec.Concord will enjoy this ...2011.07.18 07:12:00
- well they are about to launch that new site (Eve is real) with all the nice fanart, fanvideos etc et ...2011.07.13 07:57:00
- I'm pretty sure that even more ppl would pay 1-2 plex to make their ships pink..... ...2011.07.11 13:49:00
- 1. The helios gets bonuses to a) cov ops cloak b) covert cyno & c) Scan Probes why can it fit only ...2011.07.04 06:49:00
- awesome idea... let me anchor some POS at the asteroid belts.... ...2011.07.03 16:33:00

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