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- Maybe perhaps because the forums are bugged?Besides if he was still in our corp he wouldnt have give ...2007.02.18 18:08:00
- To the reply above, we were in the process of firing him when he made the post, that's why it still ...2007.02.18 09:23:00
- Urgh i hate thread necromancy, gah! im doing it as well. ...2007.01.25 19:26:00
- Sale has finshed. A big thankyou to those who bought the codes. ...2007.01.24 13:32:00
- Also, the new rules do not state what i have done as wrong. All i added was the added security that ...2007.01.24 13:12:00
- Ive just successfully sold 4 of the 5 codes, all 3 buyers were happy to post here first. I clearly ...2007.01.24 13:09:00
- All i asked was for you to post here your interest, before the sale commenced, you refused. ...2007.01.24 12:55:00
- Edited by: Auren Mars on 24/01/2007 13:28:28 Edited by: Auren Mars on 24/01/2007 13:06:07 I have f ...2007.01.24 12:36:00
- If you're gonna reply with a smart arse comment, dont bother. ...2007.01.24 08:06:00
- Ive got a few questions on tanking sentries.1. What skills will i need to tank sentries?1b. What lev ...2007.01.24 07:39:00
- Just a quick question, when i attack a player how many points does my sec status drop by? also when ...2007.01.24 07:37:00
- spoke to lolex and sent my answers to the app on website via evemail. ...2007.01.22 13:19:00
- Im interested in joining at some point soon and i have over 6mil sp, although 4mil are in learning. ...2007.01.22 07:40:00
- I may be interested in having a chat with you guys sometime soon, one thing though - how does one in ...2007.01.22 00:02:00
- I was looking at the GTC section of the EveStore and the 100 day GTC have gone. Has CCP run out of ...2007.01.13 17:38:00

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