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- Would it be so hard to implement the client sending a single packet/message/whatever (computer scien ...2007.07.10 03:59:00
- Felt the shakes? I remember not being able to turn my repper on because my hands were shaking so ba ...2007.07.10 03:53:00
- I don't hold it against them. I mean, you can't really expect honor and morality from a profression ...2007.07.10 03:49:00
- I figured the end of the title was to be "joke".As for the blinkies above, yeah, basically since eve ...2007.07.10 03:45:00
- yeah, man, it's great. but you REALLY forgot this "Post with your main or STFU" line. find some roo ...2007.07.10 03:43:00
- Edited by: Dread Operative on 10/07/2007 03:25:48 Edited by: Dread Operative on 10/07/2007 03:25:04 ...2007.07.10 03:33:00
- i will be doing military stuff for switzerlandSwitzerland has a military?!?QFT?Anyway, I've enjoyed ...2007.07.10 03:19:00
- There are some AP's out there. I tend to run into a lot of them, somehow. Maybe cause I'm one of few ...2007.07.10 03:10:00
- Ever had deja vu? ...2007.07.07 16:40:00
- William, i am teh pwn by far... i just dont get it why you do NOT name me in your acts. Or me? IM A ...2007.07.07 16:36:00
- I have feeling it maybe, this is not a whine, but today I checked all the major pirate corp kill bo ...2007.07.05 17:15:00
- Nicely done. ...2007.06.26 21:51:00
- I mean...seriously, it's usually the bears *****ing about the pirates.As an experiment, commit a few ...2007.06.21 12:11:00
- Honestly while I enjoyed the idea of Privateers ganking everything in sight in high sec (since they ...2007.06.19 16:03:00
- Alright you shoot me an evemail when you're quitting, contract it to me wherever, I'll take it off y ...2007.06.19 15:46:00

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