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- This devblog is depressingly devoid of any information. It's not as if nothing happened recently (li ...2010.12.13 21:02:00
- 1. "figuring out which clients need to be informed" Then you place too much trust in the client w ...2010.12.11 10:41:00
- I was about to add something to the discussion - but after some deliberation (and reading the CCP st ...2010.07.21 07:40:00
- The tradeoff for running an MMO for many years is that you cannot influence all of it in an entire ...2010.07.17 17:02:00
- Edited by: Ab Tallen on 17/07/2010 11:30:58 So, you have this awesome game with spaceships that att ...2010.07.17 11:30:00
- they are not refusing to fix it. they will do small fixes and stuff inbetween. people read the minut ...2010.07.14 20:17:00
- exactly that is the reason all the "rage quitting" over the past years have not left a mark on ccp. ...2010.07.13 19:45:00
- I've already unsubbed to be honest.All 3 accounts expire in November, if there hasn't been some rath ...2010.07.13 19:18:00
- That's actually a great document to have, because I can look at it every time I ask myself if someth ...2010.07.13 00:15:00
- Supported...I started a list of stuff that "hasn't been iterated on", but it's just too sad... ...2010.05.31 22:24:00
- Machine InfoWhich test you were in: May 29, 2010 @ 20:00 OS version Windows XP CPU P4 2.4GHz ...2010.05.29 21:20:00
-, just saying. ...2010.04.16 07:37:00
- Edited by: Ab Tallen on 20/02/2010 22:17:12 Machine Info * Which test you were in: Feb 20., 20 ...2010.02.20 22:07:00
- Immensely enjoyed this more technical dev blog. Would love to see more of those....and now we got th ...2009.09.11 23:07:00
- Sky Grunthor Minmatar Conflagration. Wildly Inappropriate. Colour me surprised. No more FOOM? ...2009.09.08 15:20:00

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