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- XDespite not being able to dock. I'm still holding out hope I won't have to use the new character c ...2011.06.25 06:26:00
- I just heard about this and am looking foward to being able to attend this week if its still on for ...2010.02.15 06:17:00
- One interesting thing Iíve noticed when watching the market for nanotransistors and its inputs is wh ...2009.12.20 23:41:00
- Im geting a fair bit of buffering even on the SD stream. The audio will often continue longer then ...2009.09.20 17:38:00
- Confirming I have agreed in game to pay 7.12B for the character. ISK and account details will be se ...2009.05.22 03:29:00
- Buyout offer sent and accepted as per our conversations in game. Sorry it took so long to get every ...2009.05.22 02:36:00
- 8.7B If its not too late. Sorry I wasn't able answer the snipe, but it was 4am for me. ...2009.05.20 17:03:00
- 7.8Bil ...2009.05.20 06:32:00
- 7B ...2009.05.15 05:52:00
- Im very interested in this char, but its probably out of my price range. I'll still offer 10Bil if ...2009.05.15 02:49:00
- Currently alot of legion and loki subsystems in stock includeing several that are hard to find on th ...2009.04.20 07:15:00
- I would like to confirm that everything said in this thread is true. Under the new mechanics it is ...2009.04.17 21:39:00
- Legion and proteus now in stock 16 different subsystems as well includeing many tengu package deal ...2009.04.16 08:40:00
- 2 more legions out of the cooker and waiting in jita 4-4800M eachalso have 14 different subsystems i ...2009.04.15 08:19:00
- Edited by: Ambassador Delenn on 15/04/2009 08:19:08 Edited by: Ambassador Delenn on 12/04/2009 19:2 ...2009.04.12 18:05:00

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