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- Dhuras, 9,13,14,29,31,35,75,77 ...2011.07.24 06:33:00
- no cookies for johann ...2011.07.04 04:06:00
- THANK YOU you have no idea how much trouble you have saved me! Let me Send you Cookies! ...2011.07.04 02:29:00
- How do i put the current ship I am in inside of a POS SMA without having to board another ship withi ...2011.07.04 02:04:00
- Many of us are infuriated over the prices of the apparel, I'm not going to reiterate any more of tha ...2011.06.25 20:08:00
- I realize that the new carbon stuff will be more processor intensive, but why is it affecting the ga ...2011.06.23 02:25:00
- And on a note of generosity to me, once our corp banded together and tried to fight off greifers tha ...2011.05.24 13:22:00
- I've helped friends who are new to the game pay for ships. I rarely buy the whole thing, but I'll sa ...2011.05.24 13:20:00
- I tried docking already. no worky :( ...2011.04.02 17:31:00
- tried what each of you suggested, nothing is working >:( ...2011.04.02 02:33:00
- lol. But if we made an SP penalty as mentioned above, say between 30-50%, that would negate that(mos ...2011.04.01 02:47:00
- I see what you mean, i would be okay to somewhat of a drawback. ...2011.04.01 00:32:00
- Y not? ...2011.04.01 00:26:00
- I think it would be good if when you destroy a character on your account, you could reimburse the sk ...2011.03.31 23:40:00
- Supers are overpowered, +1! ...2011.03.31 23:36:00

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