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- I could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. <3I'm sold!! <3 <3 ...2011.01.19 00:49:00
- Edited by: Phaedrus Fable on 19/01/2011 00:39:59 Do I look ok?Thank you, sir! That laugh made my d ...2011.01.19 00:41:00
- I feel pretty good about this one.Holy!! What? But I don't even ...2011.01.19 00:32:00
- No! NO! ABORT! ABORT!! I-- Hello there. How 'you doin'? ...2011.01.19 00:26:00
- Exactly-- I base mostly in nullsec where lots of our space has no stations. Having the ability to s ...2010.04.23 19:53:00
- I for one, am shocked that a half-completed product would ever appear on the test server. And that s ...2009.10.08 10:23:00
- so... anybody spotted anything about a moon graphics update?Actually, if you read the FF Brochure (w ...2009.09.30 22:28:00
- Yes, another thread about DUST, seeing as the search function sucks. ...2009.09.29 10:46:00
- So, while waiting to hear more about this game, I was wondering what you guys think this game will b ...2009.09.29 10:38:00
- Everyone knows that a prime planet is a planet divisible by one or itself.Made me lol ^_^ ...2009.09.27 14:22:00
- Did you change passwords on Tranq recently? If so, try using the old password. ...2009.09.27 14:04:00
- The new belt graphics makes the belts barely visible to the eye.On warpin no asteroids are visible u ...2009.03.15 22:15:00
- I'm surprised that I actually understood most of that =/ If read the EULA and the Terms of Service t ...2009.03.15 22:09:00
- This really only caters to afk-gamers... although it would be nice in some cases, I still feel that ...2009.03.14 17:55:00
- You actually start out by telling us exactly why we should never endorse this idea?? Awesome This id ...2009.03.14 14:28:00

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