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- Coalitions don't last forever. I can't remember how many times someone was claimed to be supposedl ...2011.02.05 11:11:00
- Everyone can post bad propaganda, crap news on Eve General, but few do it on CAOD. When it's on CAO ...2011.02.05 01:08:00
- I contend two things: - It doesn't matter if you bring the same people day after day as long as y ...2011.02.05 01:02:00
- Edited by: Magna Carta on 05/02/2011 00:07:55 Some pictures from a minor NC op: http://screenshot. ...2011.02.05 00:07:00
- The patch cannot be downloaded because, at least on my PC, the client version is 166321 and the patc ...2010.07.03 07:03:00
- As a cross trainer from caldari ships to gallente ships, i was forced to train blasters and railguns ...2010.06.24 15:45:00
- Hello!I was wondering if it's possible to link skills from the Training Queue window or from the Sea ...2010.05.08 18:51:00
- Edited by: Magna Carta on 06/05/2010 15:20:22 Edited by: Magna Carta on 06/05/2010 15:15:31 Edited ...2010.05.06 14:41:00
- Edited by: Magna Carta on 30/04/2010 03:26:57 Hello !I'm having a rather strange request for planet ...2010.04.30 03:19:00

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