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- Tbh there should be some sort of olympic standard equipment requirement that everything is exactly t ...2010.02.20 20:04:00
- LOL, they and the US complained over the aerodynamics of her helmet? Surely as long as it doesn't ha ...2010.02.20 19:30:00
- Edited by: Keorythe on 04/05/2009 23:15:32 Sorry to hear about your stroke of bad luck there Maxivo ...2009.05.04 23:13:00
- For some odd reason the "search" function in the top hand corner of this page seems to have gone fro ...2009.04.07 23:19:00
- Wave after wave after wave after wave after wave after wave after wave of ISK, each MOBILE ISK DISPE ...2009.04.05 20:15:00
- From the looks of it just about any cheap folder will get your jobs done.Personally, Gerber, Buck, a ...2009.03.24 11:06:00
- But many see them not showing the appeal (which is purely for the civilians of gaza those not involv ...2009.01.26 08:36:00
- BOOM! HEADSHOTMy headshot is better than yours.BOOM! Headshot! pt2 ...2009.01.26 08:21:00
- Public Work Projects.Start building Solar/wind power generators everywhere, and then sell the genera ...2009.01.26 08:09:00
- Well it looks like the "bailout" isn't really a bailout. I keep hearing talk of a "soft chpt 11.". ...2008.12.21 19:08:00
- Well, they supposedly have spies in Iran too but it was "teh interwebz" that pointed out their shopp ...2008.12.02 04:31:00
- The "transitional" government of Somalia has already given the green light to the UN and the "Hot Pu ...2008.11.21 20:07:00
- 2 accounts cancelled. thanks for hype around this expansion, this was great :) can't have my stuff. ...2008.11.17 08:12:00
- You'll need huge floating cities to do this. I'm talking 20 aircraft carriers welded together and t ...2008.11.16 01:34:00
- The game can be summed up easily. Reskinned Oblivion with the player made "deadly reflex" and Red S ...2008.11.12 22:47:00

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