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- Up we go.Already picked a nice core group of guys. Just drop by SANCT-PUBLIC and check us out get to ...2011.07.20 00:32:00
- Sanctuary Founded 2003.05.29 Sanctuary has existed since EVE began . Sanctuary is comprised of EVE ...2011.07.17 22:50:00
- Bump for an old friend. How you been Firey? Moving up in the world Eh ? ...2011.06.30 21:20:00
- Thank you to our WTB brosefs for helping the recruiting cause.Yes indeed folks we're still on the hu ...2011.02.15 23:55:00
- Still looking for some new blood. Drop by Constipated Monkies public channel and give us a holler. ...2011.02.13 17:08:00
- Edited by: Pyromancerr on 08/02/2011 23:29:09 friendly bump! still looking!As Pyro said we are stil ...2011.02.09 03:04:00
- We've had some decent conversations with some people. Why dont you drop in to the Constipated Monkie ...2011.02.07 23:42:00
- We're still looking for any people that are willing to grow with an ever growing corp. ...2011.02.06 20:29:00
- Still on the recruitment grind. ...2011.02.06 00:50:00
- Just got one of the best KB banners Ive seen to date.Visit our KB at Constipated Monkies KillboardLa ...2011.02.02 23:05:00
- Still on the hunt . New Day more kills more fun. ...2011.01.28 23:46:00
- Recruitment still open! Fleets every day, good fights to be had! Don't miss out!I must agree with my ...2011.01.27 22:50:00
- Still on the grind. Starting to have fun out in 0.0 . ...2011.01.25 23:33:00
- Edited by: Pimp Pickel on 25/01/2011 08:24:55 Still looking for some quality pilots. ...2011.01.25 08:24:00
- New day. More recruitment. Still looking for some good pilots to come along with us on this new proj ...2011.01.23 18:02:00

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