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- I enjoyed empyrian age a lot more, it touched the heart of EvE rather then the fringes.It would have ...2010.07.16 14:08:00
- Edited by: Sahriah BloodStone on 11/07/2010 05:32:30Dont render judgement on things before you think ...2010.07.11 05:29:00
- Oh god yesI wouldnt buy this for console and we have a console.please please convert it to PC later/ ...2010.07.01 04:39:00
- How about you pay for it? lolThat or ask CCP for a 24hr window im sure they will help ...2010.06.29 03:58:00
- Greetings all!Normally i do not feel the need to make threads but i want to express my love for CCP ...2010.06.25 00:15:00
- what does one do with them?thanks*ponders the joke*... no, too easy.Like to easyPs: i k ...2010.03.25 12:25:00
- As the topic says i would like to know how much time i have to purchase this :) ...2010.03.13 23:59:00
- As a female gamer i have learnt that the reactions people have to you are not based on avatar, as ma ...2010.02.28 14:09:00
- After carefully reviewing this dire circumstance and consulting a friend i got this helpful advice!T ...2010.02.24 11:42:00
- About 3 days after joining my first corp everyone got a mail that X character been involved in a clo ...2010.02.21 02:25:00
- been to this site many times. Good reads, all safe :) ...2010.02.17 12:37:00
- we don't need more systems. Eve is big enough..look at lowsec...empty,empty,empty.Removing local-cha ...2010.02.17 12:07:00
- o7Forever fly free ...2010.02.15 12:15:00
- \o/ ...2010.02.14 08:19:00
- Well :DThorax - Spectre Hyperion - Forgotten Asylum Myrmidon - White Rose Crow - WobbleGutz Gedd ...2010.02.14 01:21:00

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