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- this is what a truly well thought out and balanced idea will get you, majority of praise and approva ...2009.07.24 09:04:00
- Also having rigs of a certain class have different drawbacks than just say all speed or all powerg ...2009.07.07 04:44:00
- Edited by: Amasai on 07/07/2009 04:26:41 I can see the drone bay hull upgrade as a rig working quit ...2009.07.07 04:25:00
- I was under the impression that drugs, currently, aren't used much because people don't want to deal ...2009.07.07 04:12:00
- yep, yep, yep ...2009.07.07 03:47:00
- we already have lots of general drone skills, this is not the type of love that drones need, I would ...2009.07.07 03:43:00
- supportedit seems to me that the general opinion among eve players is that rockets need to be booste ...2009.07.07 03:32:00
- I was helping a friend test his speed tank against missiles and we ended up testing defender missile ...2009.07.04 21:27:00
- chant it with me now!!REVAMPREVAMPREVAMPREVAMPif I could have voted in support I would have ...2009.07.02 21:07:00
- the primary balance issue I see is that you still have full full high slot weapon fittings, thus rai ...2009.07.01 03:00:00
- ive wanted this since the first mission I ransupported ...2009.06.27 11:28:00
- my drones destroying another ship from the inside out! that sounds awesome,lolbut then they would p ...2009.06.26 12:09:00
- I think this is a good Idea over all and could be very balanced. however the problems are in the de ...2009.06.26 11:43:00
- yeah, just a button I think, but a skill would work to.supportedtheres no real balance issue here th ...2009.06.24 09:22:00
- Edited by: Amasai on 24/06/2009 09:15:16 in the early stages of your character(or any character you ...2009.06.24 04:24:00

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