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- Is there the concept of a Corp or Guild? What is the largest PVP battle you have seen? ...2011.06.26 07:21:00
- I cancelled Four accounts:Zervun (Account 1) Zaval (Account 2) Zerval (Account 3) Zavun (Account ...2011.06.24 15:14:00
- I unsubscribed four accounts. I will sell four of my five main characters. These were put on Charac ...2011.06.24 15:04:00
- Craftable clothes please. It would solve this rage so easily.CCP, look what you did to EVE... I hope ...2011.06.22 08:55:00
- Signed. The hangar view needs to be an option. ...2011.06.16 11:56:00
- Yes, offer received. Have given prospective buyer 48hrs to complete. ...2011.06.16 06:32:00
- Selling Aeon Sell Orders ...2011.06.15 13:36:00
- Edited by: Zervun on 17/06/2011 10:00:00 Price is 19bThird Party: Chribba, Darknesss (Buyer is resp ...2011.06.15 11:51:00
- Wow, nicely done CCP. Yet again you seemed to have misread how players actually play the game. Altho ...2011.04.02 19:27:00
- +1 This problem is getting worse, CCP is already losing players to the issue. If this is not resolve ...2011.03.21 13:30:00
- Good luck, I voted for you with all four of my accounts. Yes, I am turkey voting for Christmas. The ...2011.03.13 14:43:00
- 15.5B Sold! This is my second from you, I must be more careful ;-) I will contact you ingame. ...2011.03.13 12:08:00
- I eve-mailed the chap that killed me and he confirmed I was not in local when he killed my ship. So ...2010.08.10 17:15:00
- I have four clients, running on three seperate computers.Character 1 (Machine 1) When I log in and ...2010.08.10 13:39:00
- I had the same problem today. I jumped into an empty system. Moved to a snipe spot off a gate and lo ...2010.08.09 21:02:00

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