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- Cosmetic Only!But for the love of god, make MICRO transactions actually micro. 50 dollar monocle? No ...2011.06.25 19:42:00
- I found this topic whilst trying to find the exchange rate between AUR and Plexes, not realizing I c ...2011.06.22 17:41:00
-'d be glad to talk with yo ...2010.11.12 20:20:00
- LOL Decimus. We don't even do much mining anymore.I actually haven't seen a macro-er in quite some t ...2010.11.12 19:53:00
- Confirming that Avast! is indeed the start of Skynet... On topic, Avast is reporting tons of false p ...2009.12.03 06:05:00
- So... whoever's telling folks to DISABLE Avast to counter this problem... Is there some reason you W ...2009.12.03 05:34:00
- Edited by: Casey Windstrom on 01/11/2009 20:03:29 Ikkin, feel free to check out our forum post and ...2009.11.01 20:03:00
- /signedYes please. I'd like to be able to inform my corp mates what I'm capable of, or see their rel ...2009.11.01 15:28:00
- /heartily signed.Desperately needed. Moderation/settings on corp+alliance channel would be nice, but ...2009.10.29 23:22:00
- Edited by: Casey Windstrom on 29/10/2009 23:07:15 risking clones just to experience that kind of pe ...2009.10.29 23:03:00
- Still. This is Eve. I'm a capsuleer, not some guy running around fighting people with swords and han ...2009.10.29 21:20:00
- Hmn. Gonna give CCP an easy out on the whole planetside thing. We've been living in space too long, ...2009.10.29 20:44:00
- You know what I always loved? The drone Dominix. Jet black with those little crustacean like legs on ...2009.10.29 13:23:00
- Hiding skills would be okay I suppose.But adding functionality to allow for removal of skills really ...2009.10.29 13:14:00
- At one time I had dreams of running a corp to allow people to research in highsec.Then I attempted t ...2009.10.29 13:04:00

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