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- I'd like to see larger initial cargo holds on Mining Barges. When you look at the speed at which the ...2007.03.23 23:41:00
- As a genuine carebear, these are my concerns with going into low sec.1. Sitting duck at gates.2. S ...2007.01.20 17:40:00
- This mission isn't too bad if you take some time with it. The first few rooms shouldn't be too diff ...2006.04.18 17:33:00
- I find the tristan to be too slow even with after burner to use blasters and rockets and hope for de ...2006.04.16 19:15:00
- The easiest thing I can suggest is go to the ships and modules section and read the sticky on ship s ...2006.04.14 14:57:00
- While playing around with fittings for my cruiser, I find myself running into cap issues if the figh ...2006.04.06 16:11:00
- I think that problem is more related to the number of people playing at once in a area, rather than ...2006.04.02 19:41:00
- There is a section on the market called skills and accessories where you can purchase new skills to ...2006.04.02 19:38:00
- One thing that has been a huge help to me finding things in this game is a 2D map guide that you can ...2006.04.01 04:51:00
- I won't comment on the GUI issues as those have been discussed. I've been playing the game for just ...2006.03.27 20:53:00
- Ok, I bought a Tristan, though I couldn't use all the equipment reccomended because of a lack of the ...2006.03.27 03:51:00
- To make this mission easy as possible, I would first suggest you get the afterburner skill.When I di ...2006.03.17 17:27:00
- I can force this by right clicking my desktop, selecting "properties", then "settings" and hitting t ...2006.03.12 04:20:00
- I'm using a Tristan for hunting low level npcs in .6 space and up and found the railguns are more ef ...2006.03.12 03:58:00
- Edited by: Solahn Merav on 12/03/2006 17:03:46 Go to the Crime and Punishment forum and look for a ...2006.03.12 03:17:00

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