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- 1.45 Delivered is not really appealing to me. How about we split the difference and call it 1.5? ...2009.09.17 15:00:00
- I can accommodate this but I will charge an extra 150million delivery fee. So if you want the Revela ...2009.09.17 13:51:00
- Not sure if this has been mentioned:* Different Icon appearance for BPOs and BPCs. We should not hav ...2009.09.10 22:22:00
- 1. Discourage frequent Buy/Sell Order modification by 0.01 isk increments2. Short Selling (Opposite ...2009.09.10 14:27:00
- Edited by: Jacque Custeau on 10/09/2009 14:08:36 Here are a few of mine, I hope they are 'good'1- S ...2009.09.10 14:08:00
- Still Looking? I have one in stock in Metropolis ...2009.08.19 17:30:00
- needed immediately, fitted if possible, in GALLENTE space, please be reasonable about pricing, i do ...2009.08.19 17:27:00
- Edited by: Karrade Krise on 28/04/2009 15:34:38 Good thing there was an F-16 on it's tail for you k ...2009.04.28 15:57:00
- 10. Something more expensive than masters collection that I have been unable to findSoftware that ...2009.04.27 13:51:00
- Am I the only one who found Natasha's display of camel toe a bit over the top?The game doesn't take ...2009.04.21 01:03:00
- I never get those. Think I'll have to switch over to an email provider with less effective filtering ...2009.04.20 15:29:00
- I'll have to pass. I don't have business that would take me to Jita any time soon. ...2009.04.03 19:42:00
- I'll take it all. Can you deliver to Hek? ...2009.04.03 18:45:00
- Edited by: Jacque Custeau on 19/02/2009 18:53:45 I cannot really answer your questions, but I can o ...2009.02.19 18:49:00
- Who is with me?I suggest we do a preliminery operation at 20:00 eve time, meeting in Crielere.God sp ...2009.01.28 16:49:00

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